From feeding cows to feeding You involved some thousand working hours and sleepless nights. Finally we managed to create a suitable framework to invite You for dinner. Making food can be complicated eating cannot is our key line when working in the kitchen.

Our food is based on a very simple paper thin dough covered with a white cream topped by a carefully selected combination of ingredients prepared, cooked, marinated or pickled by ourselves. Always accompanied by our seasoned pointed cabbage and southamerican flavoured chimichurri.

As a more snacky serving we offer what we call canned delicacies. Seafood from local waters smoked and canned in organic chamomile oil with freshly baked bread.

We follow the rhythm of seasonal produce and buy all products locally. We introduce a short but varied menu containing primarily vegetables, fish and game. We serve what we call easy dining meals to create a satisfying taste experience and a comfortable social space. 

Alongside we have picked outstanding organic nature wines delivered by our friends in the grapes department. We make our nordic sangria inspired by travels to and memories brought home from mediterranean landscapes as well as signature cocktails out of homemade juices and syrups.